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How to Build a Professional Network as a Remote Worker

10 Jun 2020


Remote Worker

How to Build a Professional Network as a Remote Worker

"Remote work is the future of work." — Alexis Ohanian, Reddit

There's no denying that working remotely is the new normal these days and has a life of its own. That era comes to an end when working from home was subtle and was quite challenging, of which most individuals would be skeptical, but the scenario has flipped now. After the COVID-19 attack, almost every company prefers its employees to manage the entire process from the home office, just to stay isolated and stay safe. At present, a vast number of small and large organizations are offering virtual jobs to attract and retain skilled talent from all over the world as to future growth opportunities.

Initially, it might seem like a dream, no social practicing, fewer distractions, no commute, shorter morning routine, a more flexible schedule, and the list of comfort from working from home goes on. A remote team or freelancer member can avail of huge benefits while working from home.

But, remember a coin always has two sides. So do remote working perks are accompanied by a few challenges, one being social coffee interactions? While lack of colleague interactions is undoubtedly a thing that virtual team members miss out on, also you cannot replicate natural networking opportunities, your company culture when you are not in your workplace.

Don't panic if you fear that there's no way to meet your colleagues when you experience working from home. This website post discusses a few readily available, simple ideas for any remote worker or freelancer to network like others.

Following relevant groups on Linkedin

Apart from checking your LinkedIn account, many other things are also served as the main course that includes who stumble across attractive articles and who visited your profile. LinkedIn is a social media platform that is overflowing with numerous groups for a variety of job fields, job search, personal interest, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

May you are keen on TED talks or are a freelancer writer who wants to avail of the benefits of connecting with other professional writers in any community; these social media networking groups can help you in many ways.

Request for joining any of the groups of your profession or interest and try to participate in those particular group discussions. Members of the group will exchange creative, helpful ideas and thoughts either daily or weekly. The doors of discussions are broadly open for you to participate in. By joining these discussions, you can come across many relevant job opportunities or any in-person networking group events nearby.

Try Building Community with your Virtual Team

Remote networking is an online tool to interface in-person workers to remote workers along with remote works to one another. If you have your teammates, co-workers spread over the state, nation, or world, it tends to be hard to monitor everybody, as opposed to employee monitoring when you work in the office. You can try building support to avoid isolation by frequently captivating other telecommuters in your organization. Start a blog post, online forums, and groups where you can share stories, elevating material, and experiences explicitly for the virtual work experience.

"Technology now allows people to connect anytime, anywhere, to anyone in the world, from almost any device. This is dramatically changing the way people work, facilitating 24/7 collaboration with colleagues who are dispersed across time zones, countries, and continents. " — Michael Dell, Dell

Set aside the effort to become more acquainted with one individual you haven't had a detailed conversation with. Get some information about their work, where they live, and what remote work resembles for them. It might be somewhat startling venturing out; the more your practice it regularly, the simpler it becomes to be a remote networker. Before you know it, your virtual networking group will bloom with relevant relationships.

Multiply Your Virtual Network Using Other Social Media Platforms

If you are in search of other like-minded professionals like you, take help from your social medial platforms. Take benefits of social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to organize online live meetings and conferences if you reside in a remote area and looking for remote jobs. You can ask any of your remote or networking groups to join your conferences or meeting form any corner of the world. 

On the social media platforms, links and connections are more straightforward to make because of open profiles and the capability to follow and connect with others on the channel. An excellent spot to begin is to create an account for your professional image and branding and quest for different accounts inside a similar professional field.

To do this, basically, look for posts with hashtags and begin following the accounts related to those posts. In a matter of moments, you'll have many potential new connections, so make sure to introduce yourself either in a direct message or comment. You can keep up the virtual relationship by emphatically connecting with their posts. Make sure to make and post relating with content also to draw in others to engage with you.

Plan virtual coffee meeting

Because you're don't have the way to meet face to face or you're not in the same area or region doesn't imply that you can't meet with others online. If there's somebody with whom you want to catch-up or wish to discuss something, welcome them to chat over a virtual video call. Take a cup of coffee to enjoy in between your discussion and carry on that colleague catch-up, the informational interview, or another kind of virtual meeting with similar professionalism that you'd treat an in-person meeting. You may even choose to make these coffee meetings a customary event!

Podcasts are making their way.

Presently podcasts are a matter of discussion. Furthermore, they're useful for more than engaging you during a lengthy drive or an exercise—they can be an extraordinary method to interface with individuals in your industry.

Hosting or interviewing somebody on a podcast likewise makes way for a more profound, more personal relationship than you'd find during any networking event.

 "The podcast allows me to be proactive and have deep conversations that are often over an hour that just wouldn't have been possible otherwise." Scott Ingram

Seek after the hobbies you love

The most logical approach to frame a new connection is by meeting individuals with fundamental interests. By joining DIY groups, easy to cook food groups or any other volunteer groups, or different kinds of workshops, you consequently share something for all intents and purposes with various members, which makes discussions about work increasingly common. Use Meetup to find meetup groups in your general vicinity, and begin building new relationships today.

Start linking with your virtual team today!!!

By implying these remote working strategies in your routine life, you'll start making career-enhancing links and relationships just by beginning networking from your home office within no time. Keep an eye check on how your new social relations and connections will boost your career it demands, and get set for the new opportunities and transformations in the workplace that will come in your career path.

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