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Pay Attention to Talent and Acquisition Processes

28 Oct 2021


Attracting and Retaining Talent

Pay Attention to Talent and Acquisition Processes

Are you an employer? Do you find that you are always looking for ways to attract and retain talent? If yes, we would like you to ask yourself some tough questions.

Could you be at fault? Is there something you are not doing right? A moment of self-introspection may open up your eyes to some startling insights.

Here is something you may need to think about going forward. The power is shifting to the employees. They are more demanding and aware of their rights.

Those with the right qualifications are like hot-selling goods. There is always an employer or headhunter out to get them.

But now, here is where it gets interesting. It is time to change your tactics a little. Stop chasing employees. Instead, let them come to you.

It would be interesting to take a look at the HR office of some companies. We are talking about those organizations that always make it to the list of best companies to work for. These include Google, Amazon, Apple, and Microsoft.

Forget about the good pay, which of course is a key factor. There are other things they get right, as we will share below. So, read on, dear employer, to know how to get employees coming to you, and not the other way round.

1. Understand What it Takes to Attract and Keep Employees

Do you understand exactly what it takes to attract and keep employees? Good pay, for example, is not enough compensation for a stressful work environment.

Go back to the drawing board and look at the type of organizational culture you have. It should incorporate several things.

- There should be open communication between employees and management. This includes a system of collecting feedback. The positive results come when you address the concerns the employees raise

- Growth opportunities should be plentiful and available to deserving employees

- Foster a culture of respect amongst team members

- Establish a healthy work-life balance to avoid stressed and overworked employees

Remember, leadership has a critical role to play. Everyone looks up to them and mimics their behavior. You cannot tell staff members one thing and do another.

2. Invest in the Right Technologies

Imagine a software developer looking for a job in an organization. When researching the company, she realizes they still rely on manual processes.

People who engage in mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks tend to, over time, lose motivation. So, in this case, automation testing software is highly beneficial. This tool helps development companies fast track their testing processes. Therefore, making it easier and more convenient for the developers and other staff.

The teams achieve higher productivity and cut down on software development time. Allowing automation to take over such tasks also frees up the team's time. They can then concentrate on other core areas.

A clear sign that the teams can put their skill to greater use, not on manual tasks. How likely is it that the software developer candidate will continue to apply for the job?

Modern companies that hope to attract and retain employees must embrace technology. Late adopters of technology cannot compete in this digital age. And yes, your employees will run to the competitors if you do not keep up.

3. Pay Attention to Talent and Acquisition Processes

Have the right talent acquisition and retention process in place. The hiring process should be transparent, inclusive, and allow diversity. Every employee must feel like the company values them and appreciates their input.

HR departments now have technologies that can assist with that. Take the example of AI recruiting software. The technologies remove bias from the hiring process.

The use of algorithms and data ensures the company finds the right candidates for the jobs. It ensures transparency in recruiting. Anyone who qualifies gets a fair chance to get the job. AI Talent management software can alert employers on different things.

AI technologies ‘read’ people and give insights on whether they are happy or not. Such are also finding their way to email sentiment analysis. Yes, the company gets insights into the employee’s emotional state with the email content. Such technologies are important for one thing.

The HR gets to know what the employees feel about the work or company. They can, for instance, tell who is likely to leave based on such data.

It allows the management to take appropriate steps to rectify the situation. Such proactive action contributes to a positive work environment and happier employees.

4. Have Clarity on Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP)


Many employers have one challenge. They fail to understand that what they have with employees is a symbiotic relationship.

The employee will give effort, time, experience, and even ideas to the company. In return, the company compensates them in monetary terms. And that's not all. They also give experience, training, and other perks.

But we all know those employers who are the all-knowing boss with a God-like persona. Yes, the one who will shout, scream, and threaten at every opportunity. So what happens? The most obvious is employee turnover will be very high.

Disgruntled staff members will talk poorly about the company. One may even post something negative about the boss, work situation, or company in general. In these online times, it takes mere seconds for such reviews to spread like wildfire.

A company that understands the EVP will attract and retain top talent. It is a process that is quite wide, covering areas like:

- Leadership that is inspirational, development-focused, empowering, and supportive.

- A company with excellent values and culture. It should also reach out to the community with positive contributions that make a change.

- A work environment that provides growth opportunities.

- Competitive pay packages, benefits, rewards, and other forms of recognition.

Final Thoughts

Finding and retaining the right talent can be a challenge. But, the internet is full of resources and companies that have found the right formula.

If you read the reports on the best companies to work for, certain things become clear. They treat the employees as the most valuable resource. The truth is, it is not always about the money.

Other factors come into play when establishing an excellent work environment. Such include an organizational culture that incorporates respect and value for each. There is transparency and good top-down communication.

And, we cannot forget the important role of technology. Companies that attract and retain talent invest in such. This is because they understand the value.

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