Tekniko Global

Tekniko Global

Industry : Information Technology,Software Engineering
Location : Noida
Website : https://www.teknikoglobal.com/
Jobs Posted : 1 Jobs

About Tekniko Global

Tekniko  Global is originally a medium-sized company with a team of brilliant people, who have given the real effort for the development of our business. Tekniko Global is a top mobile app development company for start-ups.

We are a leading mobile app development company in India, and our dedicated mobile app developers are always in search for the latest technologies to present you with the best product. Our company has served lots of small and big organizations to build scalable, enterprise-level apps. Our apps work seamlessly on all platforms to turn your dream into reality.

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1 - 4 Years
Full Time
Rs. 3 Lac - 4.8 Lac Per Annum
Information Technology, Software Engineering
Ajax, CSS, jQuery, Laravel Framework, Php 7, Php Framework Codeigniter