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Industry : Graphics Designing,Digital Media,Online Media,Advertising/PR/Event Management
Location : Delhi
Website : https://socialvocial.com/
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About Social Vocial

It's all work and plays at SocialVocial. We do what we love and what is loved by all. this agency was born from the heart.

SocialVocial is unconventional in every sense of the word. Our beginning was when 2 guys started partying together and realized that all of these hip places have really cool things happening, but there was no discovery methodology in place, in simple words there Marketing Agency sucked! And they took it upon their strong (sometimes fragile) shoulders to improve this. And with that objective SocialVocial; a social media marketing agency was born


Hospitality services- Hotels, Restaurants, banquets, and salons.

In the era of great fragmentation, we watch the world change faster, we see the hospitality industry grow to new heights. We believe this is a crucial time to build value in brands especially in hospitality where we see new businesses booming every day. While the marketing solutions of today make it easier than ever to reach customers, achieving business growth and customer value through the brand building has never been more difficult. We aim to create a brand value for your company so that it appeals to the masses. We have various hotels, banquets, and salons as our happy clients.




Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

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Jaipur, New Delhi
1 - 5 Years
Full Time
Rs. 10k - 28k Per Month
Media, Digital Media, Marketing and Communications, Hospitality, Leisure and Travel, Online Media, Marketing & Advertising
Graphic Designer, Graphics, Video Editing, Video Editor
Delhi, Jaipur
0 - 3 Years
Full Time
Rs. 10k - 25k Per Month
Media, Digital Media, Digital Marketing, Marketing and Communications, Online Media, Marketing & Advertising
Content Management, Content Writer, Social Media, Social Media Manager, Social media Optimization, Social Media Specialist
1 - 5 Years
Full Time
Rs. 20k - 40k Per Month
Digital Media, Digital Marketing, Online Media, Marketing & Advertising, Advertising/PR/Event Management
Account Management, Account Manager, Client Handling, Client Management, Client Services