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Data Science Specialist

Accenture . 7 Dec
Job Location:Bengaluru
12 LPA - 15 LPA
Mode: Full Time

About Company -
<p>At Accenture, we take an innovation-led approach to help our clients, communities, and society "imagine and invent" the future.</p> <p>To this end, we have created a social innovation architecture that allows us to develop sustainable, disruptive and scalable solutions to address a wide range of complex societal issues across multiple sectors and geographies.</p> <p>From our research, ventures, and labs, to our studios, innovation, and delivery centers, we are using emerging technology to improve the way the world works and lives.</p> <p>Growing customer expectations. Market-shaping AI. Self-optimizing systems. The post-digital age shows no signs of slowing down, and the need for new ideas powered by intelligent technologies has never been greater.</p> <p>But a vision for the future can't be realized without know-how. We partner with our clients to drive real innovation&mdash;the kind that turns an idea into an industry&mdash;helping them transform and grow their organizations.</p> <p>Learn how we work with companies from all industries, across the globe to create the New&mdash;now.</p> <p><strong>SKILLS TO&nbsp;SUCCEED</strong></p> <p>Unemployment is a persistent and critical issue around the globe, and the skills gap continues to widen. In fact, according to the International Labor Association, global unemployment may reach 200.5 million by the end of 2017, yet Manpower Group estimated 40 percent of employers globally report talent shortages.</p> <p>Accenture's&nbsp;Skills to Succeed&nbsp;corporate citizenship initiative advances employment and entrepreneurship opportunities for individuals around the globe, leveraging digital innovation to drive impact at scale and help close employment gaps.</p>
Role & Responsibilties -

• The role is of a Data Science Specialist (Career Level 9)

• Build and maintain data science assets that differentiate Accenture Research in the market (apps, interactive visualizations etc.)

• Help develop and write research proposals and market and sell the capability to clients internally.

• Collaborate in raising awareness and understanding of data science research tools and outputs in Accenture and Accenture Research (text analytics, sentiment analysis, data-wrangling, machine learning, web-scraping etc.).

• Interact and collaborate with economists and industry researchers to embed data science inputs into economic models and other research projects

• Assist in growing data science skills in the team, i.e. organizing learning activities, create x-pollination opportunities.

• Individual contributor role with no team management responsibilities

• This role will be based in Bangalore.

We are looking for someone who has a comprehensive skill set:

“Hard” skills:

• Strong command of Python language + Data Science Ecosystem (Pandas, Scikit-learn, pytorch, TensorFlow, NumPy etc.)

• Solid understanding of cloud services, especially Google Cloud Platform

• Experience with developing and deploying web applications on the cloud with solid understanding of one or more of the following:

o Python Flask, Hug or similar frameworks

o JavaScript (Vue, React, Angular, Node)

o HTML, CSS (Bootstrap, Material)

• Deep Learning experience, especially with state-of-the-art NLP methods

• Experience with agile software development.

• Analyze, interpret and make sense of complex data on various formats (text, numeric, image, etc.) and provide solutions to data challenges

• Incorporate business requirements into data science research design specifications.

• Develops data warehouse models and prepare reports for end users

“Soft” skills:

• Curious, data fan with a strong research drive

• Solution oriented: Pragmatic approach to research problems

• Proven ability to work in teams and intercultural environments as well as flexibility to work with team mates in different time zones.

• Strong people developer/coach

• Entrepreneurial attitude. Creative and independent approach to research problems.

• Strong professional qualities: client focus, decisiveness, integrity and resilience to stress against stretch goals and deadlines.

• Strong, business-oriented communications skills (focus on actionable intelligence) and good interpersonal skills in one-to-one and team settings.


• A full-time post-graduate degree/qualification in Statistics/Economics with an undergraduate degree in Statistics/Economics.


• An undergraduate degree in computer science engineering


• Doctoral (PhD) candidates in Statistics/Machine Learning and meeting the above conditions are also welcome.


• 5 to 8 years experience in global / large corporation or institution (either private, public or international organization) OR research and/or teaching assistant at an academic institution

• Programming skills in Python, especially with Data Science/NLP libraries.


• You’ll benefit from our network of global communities and collaborative culture that will help you build technical and functional skills and capabilities. And because we serve more than 40 industries globally, you’ll have the opportunity to develop valuable industry-specific expertise.

• The scale of our capabilities and client engagements—and the unique way we innovate, operate and deliver value.

• You’ll have access to leading-edge technology.

• Accenture offers a comprehensive benefits package.
Experience:6 - 9 years
Job Location:Bengaluru
Job Category:Software Engineer
Industry:Information Technology
Desired Skills:
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