Transport Supervisor

Experience : 2 - 5 Years
Location: : Bhopal | Indore | Jabalpur | Madhya Pradesh
Salary : Rs. 2.6 Lac - 4 Lac Per Annum
Openings : 10
Gender Preferrence : Any
Industry : Agriculture
Qualification : Any Graduation
Certification Required (if any) : Not Mentioned
Notice Period : Not Mentioned

Key Skills

Team Building, Analytical Skills, Excel, Excellent Communication

Job Description

Skills Required: -

Leadership/ Interpersonal Skills/ Strong Analytical and ability to quickly adapt to change -Demonstrate excellent surveillance and emergency response skills

Job description: -

Ensure implementation of day-to-day activities of transportation. -Ensure vehicle availability from transporters -Route planning for deliveries -Supervise workloads, schedule, tasks, and other related functions -Follow Up with drivers for delivery status -POD upload in system Wherever driver fails to upload same on Real-time -MIS creation & sharing. -Vehicle log sheet validation for Kms/Trips.

The farmers are the original entrepreneurs, but they lack the support of an organized, robust ecosystem.

There are thriving ecosystems for entrepreneurs in various sectors around the world, that provide access to the best of talent, working capital, and resources. Unfortunately, farmers can only rely on word of mouth when it comes to trying out new crops, rotation, soil techniques. They lack access to timely and reliable information; scientific advice and mechanization; crop insurance and health insurance, even though they are at the mercy of weather conditions and endure the dire risk of plant disease. So much so that they do not have the luxury to think long term: “How will my decision today, impact my soil’s health 5 years from now?”, “Will I or my next of kin continue farming 20 years later, will my land then be able to yield?”, “How does my stubble burning affect other regions?”.

At nurture. farm, we have come together with the firm belief that we can’t look at these challenges in isolation. Risk, uncertainty, the longevity of farm health, farmer prosperity, and many more factors need to be understood at an ecosystem level. We need to connect the dots and create holistic, full-stack solutions at every stage of the crop cycle. Only then can we nurture a sustainable ecosystem that creates a resilient farmer.

Our Mission

Making agriculture simple, profitable, and sustainable for generations to come through technology-led solutions

Improve the quality of life and foster the growth of a resilient farmer by nurturing a sustainable ecosystem that solves problems holistically,Provide timely scientific information at every stage of the crop cycle

Present guided interventions at the optimum time so as to only do what’s required without wasting effort in unnecessary, costly, and pollution-causing scheduled practices

Bring in transparency and traceability of authentic products so that farmers, retailers, and traders are never deceived

Supply convenient, effective, environmentally sustainable, professional services in spraying and other methods

Establish trust and deliver economic outcomes to current farmers, so as to inspire those who have left, to return to agriculture with confidence

Industry Agriculture

No. of Employees 100

Location Delhi/ NCR

Website https://talentscrew.com/jobs/nurture.farm-jobs/824826

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