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Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

15 Feb 2020


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Best Answers to Why Should We Hire You?

Practically every interviewer will ask you this question "Why Should We Hire You" or any other variation of this question. Depending upon your answer and how you answer this question, the questioner's evaluation may change from their initial one. 

From the minute your CV arrives on the HR's desk they have been asking themselves or their recruitment panel "Why Should I hire this candidate?"

Presently, what another most ideal way to get this question replied than to hear from the candidate themselves. This is the reason your interviewers will quite often ask you "Why should I hire you?"

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Let us break down the question and see what the interviewer really needs to know.

What do interviewers want to know when they're asking - "Why Should I Hire you?"

During the whole interview process, the main thing that the organization wants to know what you can achieve for them. They might likewise want to see whether the investment they're making in the new hire will give enormous profits. After all hiring any person is costly, and the interviewer isn't just looking to hire somebody simply, but also to retain the new hire. So the interviewer's task is not only to evaluate your skills. Yet additionally to ensure you're somebody who can do the work assigned to you, fit in with the organization, commit to your new job, and be motivated to add to the company's growth.

Here is the answer to all the questions that are striking your mind right now.  Let's have a look at how you should tackle this simple yet tricky question.

Clearly Understand What Exactly The Interviewer is Asking

There are two things the interviewer is basically trying to do with a question like this. Yes, he is placing you in a spot, but surely for a good reason.

  • Firstly, as disclosed earlier, the interviewer is trying to discover your strengths and weakness. As you can likely tell, this question could quickly bring out your fault and flaws. 
  • Secondly, an interview is additionally about testing how well you perform when you're in a difficult situation.

An ideal approach to respond to such a question is to try to avoid getting panic and think and react quickly. Try not to think about the question personally. The interviewer just needs to hire the most ideally equipped individual for the job.

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How to Answer "Why Should we hire you"?

Your answer ought to be a concise summary of the top reasons you figure you ought to be hired. This is your time to sell your skills and persuade the hiring manager that you ought to get the position. It will be simple if you are energetic about the things you do and know precisely why you need to join the company.

However, not every person knows. Certainly don't make it a clothing list of ten things that recommend you. Instead, pick three or four reasons, and provide the interviewers with some unique content.

To get ready for your answer, understand the job description carefully. Figure out the real story behind the job. What characteristics are the employers really searching for? Which of these do you want to demonstrate through anecdotes from your life?

Time To Emphasize Your Strengths

There are some potential verticals that you can't ignore when answering this question. If you have industry experience, you can't miss out. You could limit it down to the specific duties and tasks that you think will fit in with and benefit the company.

Think of these questions:

What makes me unique and distinctive from other applicants?

You could talk about your technical skills and soft skills that you're bringing to the table. Whether this is your first job interview, you can discuss events from school or colleges.  

Make sure to customize your answer to the top prerequisites of the job. Ask yourself what the most significant qualifications are and pen down things.

You could likewise discuss any elements of your education or any achievements and awards that set you apart from the rest. However, you should outline your story in such a way that it is clear how your key achievements led to a specific outcome. 

How to answer tell me about yourself

Still, confused to answer this simple yet tricky question? How about we look at some examples of answers?

"Why Should We Hire You?" Sample examples

Next, look at some sample answers so you can see what the steps above would genuinely sound like in the interview. Clarify the above-discussed points by reading these answers.

Example answer #1 for “Why should we hire you?”

“I read the job description before applying, and it seems like self-management is mentioned a lot. That’s one of my strengths and something I’ve been working a lot to develop and improve recently. In my last job, my boss only checked in with me once a week. Other than that, his approach was to let me manage my work entirely. On top of that, I’ve been doing the exact type of work that your role involves – in-person sales – for two years. That’s why you should hire me for this role… because not only do I have the technical experience, but I thrive in an environment where I’m trusted to manage my own work. As a side note, in my own time, I’ve looked up new productivity strategies and read a few books on goal setting, and I’m excited to put that knowledge to use.”

Example answer #2 for “Why should we hire you?”

“Based on the job description, it sounds like you need an experienced Data Analyst who can replace the person you’ve lost and organize some of the new processes and data that your department is receiving, too. In my last job, I was the first Data Analyst hired into the department and set up our entire data analysis process from scratch. We ended up using our internal data to save 22% on advertising costs the following year. So I think this role has a lot of similarities to what I’ve done in the past. That’s why you should hire me for the position. As a side note, I’m a bit of an organization geek and love creating SOPs and documents for my work. So when I saw there’s a need for that in this role, too, I knew I should apply!”

How to introduce yourself in Interview

Mistakes to Avoid When Answering "For what reason Should We Hire You?"

To conclude this question and the article, here are the top mistakes to avoid if you need to pass the interview when you hear this question.

Never state, "I don't have any idea; you decide whom to hire." 

The questioner knows it's their choice, yet they're searching for trust right now. 

Also, avoid giving a joke answer to this question

They genuinely need an accurate answer that explains to them about your experience and why you are looking for this job when they ask, "Why should we hire you for this position? "Don’t name many reasons for the sake they should hire you.

Think deeply about the job description and pick one or two points that make you BEST qualified for the role.

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