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The Three Types of Job Seekers, You Should Know

10 Jan 2020


Job Seekers

The Three Types of Job Seekers, You Should Know

The recruitment industry is witnessing an increasing number of job seekers every year. While evaluating job applications, recruiters come across various types of job seekers. But, not every job seeker may fit the bill, such as required experience, skills, etc. Dealing with job seekers is as tough as dealing with recruiters for job seekers. 

Here are some of the types of job seekers that hiring managers or recruiters come across while trying to fill the vacant position. 

1. Desperate Job Seeker

Some of the job seekers are desperate to get a job due to many reasons. Such desperation makes them apply for every job that they come across. They do not even read the job description thoroughly, and they are not just fit for the job, but often make the recruiter wonder, why did they also apply? Even in the future, if there is any position that suits 

2. Achievement Boasters

These are job seekers who just go on listing every achievement. They will mention everything they achieved from school, college, internship to their last job. They are of the opinion that the recorded performance will impress the recruiters, and they may end up getting a job. By doing so, they try to show off how great they are. If these types of job seekers get hired, they will stay committed to the job and show efficiency in their roles. 

3. Generalist

These kinds of job seekers have worked in many roles across industries. This usually means although they have rich experience, yet their subject knowledge is not so in-depth. So, it is better to be careful before hiring such people, especially when the job role needs expert-level knowledge. 

4. Fraudulent Job Seekers

There are some job seekers who are neither true to themselves nor to the recruiting companies. They often provide false information with regard to experience. They try to cover up their lack of expertise by showing it off. Hiring managers are smart enough to catch them by asking deep and insightful questions to know if they are real or unreal. It goes without saying, if everything that they claim seems unreal, they don’t chance to get hired. 

5. Perfect Candidate

Now, this is the dream candidate for the recruiter or the hiring manager. This type of candidate has the right experience and skills needed to fill the position. He perfectly fits the bill. He will definitely get hired if he suits the budget or cost to the company for his designation. 

The job of recruiters or hiring managers is not as easy as it comes across. Finding the right candidate is one of the toughest jobs. Therefore, the recruiters filter the job applications and call the right candidates for the interview. 

If you are one of those recruiters, this is not something new for you. And if you are a job seeker, try not to fall in the category of desperate, fraudulent job seeker, or achievement boasting types. It will save your credibility in the job market.  

New job seekers must get proper guidance from the right people even before they venture into the job market to look for possible avenues. 

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