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Time Tracking In The Office: Does Every Second Really Count?

10 Feb 2020


Time Tracking In The Office

Time Tracking In The Office: Does Every Second Really Count?

Isn't it the ideal time for you to reflect on whether your time is spent well or not? Find out why both business-wise and personally tracking time is of great significance and how it can profit your business from numerous points of view.

You've likely heard it before in your childhood days from your teachers, parents, and elder ones. These days’ time tracking is vital. It gives you how you invest your energy in a business or personal. Time tracking permits you to figure out whether a particular task is sufficiently significant to spend that much time on it or on the off chance that you could utilize your time more productively.

Time Tracking gives you knowledge on what you could improve, how you could plan and work more efficiently, or if you should re-organize anything. At times smaller tasks and projects occupy a ton of time and exertion however is not gainful enough. It is the ideal opportunity for you to start to reflect on whether you are investing your time well or not.

Pros of Time Tracking

1. Increase in Accountability

Time tracking assists in raising general accountability among groups in regards to projects, overall performance, and deadlines. The total amount of work done in a specific period, justified by all the employees, will diminish the complexities of managing a lot of lags in productivity. When there are numerous individuals associated with the same project, organizations need to know:

•      Which worker did what

•      When they did it

•      How much time they spent

Greater accountability prompts more duty, which prompts a higher feeling of responsibility for tasks. When the employees care about their work and what it showcases about them as colleagues, they put their heart in. By checking how much time is spent on the tasks, employees will be more productive.

2. Increase in Productivity

Studies show that those individuals who can track their time are better at their work and work more successfully. They can mainly trace their efficiency more explicitly and improve their productivity sense. This will bring in them intuitively investing less time in useless assignments and interruptions, for example, breaks on the phone, taking calls in between the work, and so on. There's one more issue it solves what some consider being a skill that is performing various tasks. Multitasking can endure a genuine hit on your overall productivity and move your focus on different things as opposed to hustling on only one.


Robust employee tracking provides managers a more transparent, precise, and definite picture of the work procedure. On the off chance that particular tasks take an excessive amount of time, it might be an excellent opportunity to plunk down to review and optimize the process and task altogether. Work below average and inadequate quality cannot be granted legitimacy basically because it was finished in the time allocated to the staff.

Transparency permits making the internal decisions based on the data and stats daily instead of unexpected and irregular disturbances to check on the updates. Although. Time tracking isn't all extravagant, proficient, and a helpful office tool, it can have many disadvantages too.  Few of them are listed below, have a look.

Cons of Time Tracking

Expensive Complex systems

The cost of the employee time tracking system can be a matter of concern. The time tracking system that gives such tracking and payroll data can be extremely costly in case you're going for company-wide implementation. However, organizations don't require implementing time tracking systems for the entire organization immediately. They can begin delayed to allow themselves to adjust to the technology and system just as help workers habituated to such an approach. The companies must make slow steps right now to explain to the employees why they're implementing the time tracking system to clarify any doubts or misunderstandings.

The decrease in employee morale

Even though the time spent in the workplace and the work is done there is the organization's business, some may feel that time tracking is micro-management and intrusive. This is an exceptionally very common reaction where the workforce has when the time tracking system is executed. Nobody likes to feel like they and their work are continually being monitored. To relieve employees of such negative thoughts, clarify the aim of implementing such a tracking system. The employees should realize that organizations are concerned only in the productive factors that are mainly related to the time employees put in and won't be utilized to judge their work ethics.


Though Time management takes hold of discipline and strategizing, however, it is fundamental. You need to feel better about your day at work, so gripping that you have had enough time to complete everything to an adequate standard will cause you to feel better, along with increasing your cash flow and perks.

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