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How to give self introduction for job interview

01 Nov 2019


Self Introduction

How to give self introduction for job interview

Self-introduction actually matters a lot across every industry- from politics, medical, education, real estate, to the healthcare industry. There is an endless number of studies and researches that prove this fact to be true. Whenever you meet a new person, you just have few seconds to either impress him or let him go!

Let’s take an example!

Joseph has come up for his very first interview after completing his graduation. He is well dressed in a carefully chosen formal suit, fully prepared with all the questions he’s expecting in the interview and waiting in the reception area to get a call for his turn.

Well, let me ask you a question here.

Is that all it takes to crack an interview? Are you prepared for the first question the interviewer is going to ask?

Yes, I am talking about the self-introduction part.

The misconception about self-introduction is that job seekers find this question as the easiest one, but actually it’s not. The majority of the candidates never prepare for this part, and during this question, they just say- Hi, My name is Nick….and then hope for the interviewer to take over.

Let’s be honest here!

This is not the approach that can help you get the job you have been dreaming of.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the basic things about the ‘Self Introduction’ part that every job seeker must know to grab the desirable job:

  • What to include in the self-introduction
  • Tips for improving the self-introduction part
  • Mistakes to avoid during the self-introduction
  • Samples of some perfect self-introductions

Let’s get started!

What to include in the self-introduction

Self-introduction seems to be an obvious question, and nobody makes efforts on this part. But don’t forget that this part will either make or break the hiring decision. You need to invest good time and effort while planning this part. You must understand the interviewer’s intention behind this question and answer accordingly. Here I am listing a few things you need to include in the self-introduction for interview.

  • Who You Are? Start by greeting the interviewer with a smile on your face, introduce yourself by telling your name.
  • Where Are You From? You need to specify your native place and make sure you don’t drag it long. Explain in a brief one line only
  • Education Qualification: Once done with the formal introduction, now you need to mention your qualification details while telling the school and university’s name and location. Begin with the highest qualification, followed by under graduation, and then schooling.
  • Work Experience (freshers can skip this part): First of all, you need to tell the total experience you have, mention the current job and your role, briefly describe your responsibilities and things you are expert at.

Tips for improving the self-introduction part

Apart from adding the above things in your self-introduction part, you need to know a few tips that can make your self-introduction part an effective one. So, here you go!

  • Head held high with a smile on the face: No matter you are feeling nervous or not, you must have a smiling face. This signifies a good start of the interview. You must give a firm handshake and say ‘Hello’ to the interviewer.
  • Be prepared to give family details: Most of the recruiters ask the candidates about their family background and you need to be prepared for the answer in advance. Don’t hesitate, be comfortable and speak up freely.
  • Stay positive during the past experience part: While describing your past job experience, remember no matter how bad your experience was, you can’t negatively talk about the past employer. Because this will leave a negative impact on the interviewer and indicates unprofessional behavior.
  • Sharing hobbies and goals: Unlike in the past years, interviews have become interactive and comfortable than ever before. Candidates can freely mention their hobbies, aspirations, and goals to the interviewer. This will reflect your personality clearly.

Mistakes you can’t afford to make during a self-introduction

  • Keep the self-introduction part brief and concise, don’t make it lengthy. So, try avoiding irrelevant things that have nothing to do with the job role you have applied for.
  • Many job seekers even rehearse before giving an interview but still panic once they enter the interview cabin. You need to stay calm and have a smile on your face.
  • Stop being nervous, it’s just an interview. Talk openly with confidence.
  • If you aren’t confident enough about anything, don’t wander your eyes here and there. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer, it helps in making the conversation interactive.
  • Never badmouth your past employer or share any negative experience with any past co-workers.
  • Never interrupt in-between when the interviewer is speaking, start once he’s done.

Samples for Introducing Yourself in an Interview

Before you feel clueless when the interviewer asks you- ‘Tell me about yourself, it’s high time that you have a few samples in your mind. So, I have listed a few effective samples of self-introduction for experienced candidates as well as freshers.

Self-Introduction Sample for a Fresher:

Of course, a fresher doesn’t have much to showcase in his resume, and the same goes for the self-introduction part. But you can do a lot more to make the self-introduction an effective thing. Here’s one such sample:

Good morning Sir/Madam,

It’s a pleasure to introduce myself.

My name is Jonas Smith born and brought up in Michigan.

I have completed my schooling from Rochester Adams High School with 84% and presently pursuing my final year bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University.

Coming to my strengths, I love taking challenges and turn them into opportunities. During failures, I learn a lot out in the future. My goal is to become a part of an organization that enables me to reach my true potential and develop in that field.

That’s a brief about me, and thanks for this opportunity.

Let’s have a look at another self-introduction sample in which a fresher is aspiring to begin his career in teaching:

I am Robin, a graduate with no work experience yet. I completed my schooling from Brooklyn City School and now I am in the final year of B.ED. From my school time, I always dreamt of becoming a teacher. At times, I have even given home tuitions to school going kids and really had a great experience throughout. As of now, I am looking for an opportunity to join an institute or an educational center where I can polish my teaching skills.

Self-Introduction Sample for Experienced Job Seekers:

Experienced job seekers are from various industry segments, so I have listed a few industry-specific samples:

1) Self-Introduction sample for IT Professional

Good evening Sir/Madam

I am glad to be here for the interview.

I am Joseph, an engineering graduate from Hong Kong University. I graduated in the year 2013, and since then I have been working as a system administrator. I have worked upon various operating systems, troubleshooting, managing in-house servers, and so on. I always had an interest in exploring operating systems, and during my graduation, I had a good hold over managing PCs and windows of the college. As of now, I am looking forward to expanding my portfolio and enhance my technical skills as a senior system administrator.

That’s a brief about me, and thanks for this opportunity.

2) Self-Introduction sample for Software Tester

Good evening Sir/Madam

I am Rihaan, an engineering graduate from Italy University. I graduated in 2012 and completed my internship program at HCL. Since then, I have been working as a Senior Software Tester. I have worked upon numerous software testing projects and have a stronghold over various software testing tools like Selenium, Cucumber, and so on. Presently, I am looking forward to joining a company where I get better opportunities in the software testing industry.

3) Self-Introduction sample for Sales Manager

Good evening Sir/Madam

My name is Genelia. I am a graduate from Delhi University in the year 2011. I have worked in sales with Infosys for the last five years. At Infosys, I achieved notable growth over the past years and have successfully achieved challenging targets. My strong networking and relationship management skills have helped me achieve my goals on time. As of now, I am passionate to become a part of an organization where I can experience more growth opportunities.

4) Self-Introduction sample for a Medical Practitioner

Good Morning Sir/Madam

I am Albert. I graduated from Carrington College, my major is clinical medicine. I live in San Jose and have been working as a Medical Practitioner since 2016. Being in the healthcare segment, I spend most of my time with the patients, understanding the ailments, symptoms and assisting them to get out of that ailment. I have carried out deep researches about many pharmaceutical products during my past internship programs. As of now, I am looking for a better growth opportunity where I can broaden my past experience and get better exposure.

5) Self-Introduction sample for a Business Analyst

Good Morning Sir/Madam

My name is Mathew. I have been a Business Analyst for the past five years and my domain expertise is in the retail banking and insurance segment, I have good exposure in numerous end-to-end development solutions and hold proficiency in diverse business phases. I have worked with enterprises with strategic development approach and also with ones that work upon other development methodologies like Waterfall, Agile, SDLC, and so on. I am comfortable working with the team and even complete the target single-handedly. As of now, I am seeking better growth opportunities as a Senior Business Analyst in your company.

Wrapping Up

Every job seeker is looking for something extraordinary in you. If you succeed in presenting that zeal to the interviewer, good for you; otherwise it’s time to put more focus on your resume and interview part. So, whenever you go for the next interview, keep the above points in mind, and rock the interview. This will definitely help to impress the recruiter, and you will get hired!

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