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How to restore and grow your career after getting laid off

27 Jan 2020


How to Restore career

How to restore and grow your career after getting laid off

The global economy is facing a synchronous slowdown and it was presumed by the International Monetary fund and we have faced around 3% downfall in the growth during 2019. India’s second-largest heavy vehicle manufacturing company had suspended its production for many days, the IT sector and medicine sectors are not also doing good but all it last by affecting the employees. In the surpassing economical trends, Retrenchment has become a global regular exercise. Individuals are losing their jobs due to mergers, layoffs, bankruptcy or any technological disruption. According to a survey conducted by the Bureau of labor statistics, 2018 around three million workers were unemployed for 3 years. Nothing can be more dreadful than surviving without a job for such a long period. Another article published in quartz had shown that alone in 2017 Indian IT Company’s layoff around 56,000 candidates which are more than any nightmare itself. As a young nation what we want to see is development, growth, and promotions while facing such job terminations are fierce. After sedimentation of your layoff victim feelings before you start searching for the new job. For the salvage and thriving from such jolt, we are here writing this post with some tips for you to cope up with the unstable carrier opportunities to restore your carrier.

This article is carved into a few sections.

  • Personalized approach
  • Explanation of layoff
  • Recreate
  • Salary issues
  • Repurpose 
  • Conclusion

Personalized approach:

After facing retrenchment or layoff our most rapid reflexion is a randomized circulation of our CV to all our friends, relatives, colleagues to get a job as soon as possible. However, it becomes our biggest mistake. Even after having experience and proper skills we didn’t get any response. The reason behind this is; in current juncture for getting good position companies to expect the more personalized proposal from your side. They want to move stepwise from your cover letter to detailed Curriculum vitae, from initiation to intricate interviews for getting the whole story. Most importantly you have just one chance for each company so it is up to you conquer it or leave it.

So, try to send more customized cover letters and CVs to different companies following the company requirements. Include the relevant keywords and your achievements.

Explanation of layoff

Most of the employers will ask you the reason of you’re laid off. So, make sure that you have a proper explanation for your retrenchment. Retrenchment is not a new concept and all the companies know that even good employees can be laid off. So, first make a point and try to be on it without deviation, over-expressing or hiding the truth is not advisable. Try not to badmouth about the previous company in place of strengthening your candidature it can backfire and can draft a negative impact on the employer.


After getting ready with your skill-set try to recreate your position and find some similar type of organizations so that you can apply for the positions you are expert at. 

For example: being a laid-off contract-based teacher is searching for a teaching position at another school for teaching the same subject. 
Generally, a re-creator is a candidate who creates strong bonds with his coworkers, friends, and bosses. These bonds help them in recreating the magic in a short period. Extroverts and talkative people are good at this. If you have some quality connections in some similar companies it will definitely help you in getting a job.

Salary ego

As I have already told you we are young India. We always want to see growth in position, skills, learning or salary. We hardly accept any decrease. However, rejecting a job offer in such a crucial time which can make you learn a lot of new things and can add more skills in you due to the less salary in comparison to your last employer is not an intellectual decision.

Avoid the pressure for some instances and try to question yourself.

Can you miss the first stair in the hope of reaching the top?

Your answer will be an obvious no. So, put your salary ego aside and restart your carrier soon so that you can move faster in the way as compared to others. In such a crucial time your small no can make you feel regret. So, grab your first job and if not satisfied keep exploring. 


If you are not getting the job in your area explore some other domains and try not to stick your specialization or comfort zone because during retrenchment companies laid off many of their specialists and all are your competitors. So, some explore new domains and repurpose yourself so that you can get something to start with soon. Going into finance and entrepreneur setup could be best. In fact, by following such a way you can establish yourself as a job giver, not a seeker. We have many examples showing that leaving a brighter carrier behind for a startup can lead you to another height in place of the entire fathomable struggle.


Retrenchment, layoff or laid off all are the name of removing employees may be due to mergers, economic slowdown, production downfall, bankruptcy, some bonds or their work inefficiencies. No one is ready to face layoff it is not only challenging but also dreadful for candidates however it is the bitter truth because as our economy is growing job market is being dependent upon the economy so the number of jobs is now dependent on the rise or fall in the economy. So, instead of trying different mourning patterns to release your dejection it’s better to be prepared in advance so that it won’t affect you, your skill-set and your mental peace. 

It’s ok to face layoff but living in trauma is not. If you got retrenched by the employer please follow the tips mentioned in the article and it will be fine.

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