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How to Job Hunting Strategies Search as a Mid-Career Professional

26 May 2020


Job Boards and Websites

How to Job Hunting Strategies Search as a Mid-Career Professional

For any individual who lost their employment or their business during the coronavirus pandemic, to move forward is full of impediments.

Looking for a job is never so easy, no matter the phase of your profession. But, new graduates who are about to begin their career have one bit of leeway over mid-career or out of work job seekers – by starting with an empty slate, they have a specific amount of opportunity to go toward any path introduced to them. While there are disadvantages for first-time work searchers too, their absence or lack of work experience doesn't bind their search for employment to an industry or condition with which they're quite familiar.

The other side of the story says job seekers who are in their mid-career or out of work are progressively engaged because they are already aware of their greatest strengths and need to draw upon their experience. You cannot deny the fact that there are more than 50% of the employee who considers switching their industries and sees their skills as transferrable. In any case, most mid-career and out of work job searchers need to expand upon a foundation that has been laid many years before.

An ideal job strategy for mid-career and out of work professionals is to use the skills they may have over those with less experience while guaranteeing they're not insufficient in any areas in which freshers and younger competitors may exceed expectations. Let's take a gander at a couple of areas of focus for mid-career and out of work job seekers.

1. Think different from Job Boards and Websites

Websites and job boards can be practical job-hunting tools, but make sure to follow a new approach to search for jobs as they shouldn't be the only ones. Don't forget to check the websites of the companies which you would think ideal for you. Keep an eye on job openings by checking their websites often. Don't forget to follow these companies on social media and try your best to connect to employees of your dream company. Also, disclose the employees that you are on a job hunt and willing to serve their company.

Also, join organizations groups on LinkedIn and try posting relevant content. Employees will, for sure, refer you to open positions if they notice your interest, work experience and try to recognize your name. However, remember, you must be known for good because you don't want to be remembered negatively.

2. Ace the online interview

Even before the pandemic hit, video interviews were becoming part of the job-hunting process. Now, they are even more prevalent.

Telephonic interviews and video conferences were turning to be an essential part of the job chasing process even before the pandemic hit. But, at present, the video interviews are considered to be the most reliable way of interviewing the candidates as work from home is the new regular these days.

So, it implies to ensure you have a right work area in your home with proper lighting and background. Look for a place with least disturbance from pets or people and dress like you are facing common HR interview questions as an in-person interview.

For more tips on how to work efficiently from home, click here.

3. Stay updated with the latest technologies and innovations.

To stay updated with what's new in the job market is also one of the basic job-hunting strategies for mid-career and out of work. There is a significant change in the job search, resume submission, and interview processes in the past few years. The job seekers who haven't been hunting for jobs in a while may think a bit out of the loop.

Social media (LinkedIn) has turned out to be a priceless tool, offering job seekers another road to communicate with recruiters and employers.

At a minimum, make sure to make an active account on LinkedIn. Also, create accounts on job hunting websites like TalentsCrew, and don't forget to set up alerts to alert you to the job opportunities that meet your requirements. Try to make your resume ATS-compatible by including proper keywords, resume headlines, and resume objective, as most interviewers will input your resume into their database, which will then scan it for the relative keywords similar to job requirements.

At last, ensure you're aware of the video software like Skype or zoom, so if an interviewer demands a video interview, you are familiar with the basics.

4. Flaunt your achievements

One of the biggest benefits mid-career and out of work job seekers have over fresher's is their work experience. This should be highlighted as your greatest strengths wherever possible. Incorporate a list of the significant projects and their outcomes as your strengths in your resume. Don't avoid using numbers when applicable in your resume.

5.  Make sure to update your LinkedIn profile regularly.

Remember that recruiters and hiring managers scan LinkedIn profiles resumes for work experience and achievements, and Applicant Tracking System scan your resumes for the relevant keywords. So, we can consider flaunting your accomplishments as one of the crucial jobs searching strategies for mid-career and out of work job seekers. Keep in mind to update and optimize it regularly.

6. Virtually network

While important meetings over coffee and in-person interviews and networking events aren't occurring in this period of social distancing, but there are still ways you can network and continue your board meetings and discussions.

Many companies are meeting on Zoom or any other online platforms like Google duo or hangout. Look for job networking groups in your area. You can also check with your nearby church ministry, which is open to everyone, to check whether they have any job clubs, which are meeting online now.

Don't avoid networking, as they are the best way to find a job during this pandemic, says the career experts.

Aim high and Stretch Yourself!!!

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