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Is Elon Musk the next Steve Jobs? | Talentscrew

22 Apr 2021


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Is Elon Musk the next Steve Jobs? | Talentscrew

A big NO. You can't say that Elon Musk is the next Steve Jobs.

Not that Elon Musk doesn't wear black turtlenecks or have unique eating patterns. Furthermore, certainly not because he is excessively idealistic and sometimes resists sound judgment.

Steve Jobs was a nonconformist who could predict how people would get a tight grasp of gadgets' shift to what they can do today. He had the unrivaled blessing to picture what individuals need and get it going, practically like magic.

Elon Musk is an inventor, scientist, and ta technologist. The centibillionaire reformed the electric car industry and took the aerospace business to the following level. SpaceX was the main ever privately owned business to send a shuttle to the ISS. SpaceX likewise turned into the primary organization to effectively launch the first reusable rocket to reach orbit. Musk may simply be the Nikola Tesla (quip expected) of our age.

Steve Jobs and Musk can never be compared, for they are experts in their own fields. In an interview, once Bill Gates was asked whether Musk would be the next Steve Jobs, "Elon's more of a hands-on engineer, Steve was a genius at design and picking people & marketing. You wouldn't walk into a room and confuse them with each other."

Contrasting Steve Jobs and Elon Musk is what could be compared to looking at Harry Potter to Luke Skywalker - they have many similarities; however, one isn't more noteworthy than the other. They both are figureheads and have effectively become the content of their organizations. When you envision Jobs, you think about the puncturing gaze and appeal in his glare. And when you consider Musk, you think impulse memes and tweets.

They 'put the legend in legend-ary' in their specific manners.

About Elon Musk and His Works

Let us save the correlation for somewhat later first; how about we find out about scarcely any impending way breaking thoughts being worked upon in organizations.

1. Neuralink

Is a startup nano-biotech organization that plans to incorporate the human mind with Artificial Intelligence(AI). It is focused on making gadgets that can be embedded in the human mind and could improve memory or consider a more straightforward interface with registering gadgets through the probability of consolidation of organic insight and computerized knowledge.

2. PayPal

Is one of the world's biggest Internet payment organizations. The organization works as a payment processor for online sellers, closeout locales, and other business clients.

- Till 1900, people could go as quick as possible force her in a carriage, yet on account of the Boeing 707, by 1960, we could go at 80% of the speed of sound. But, from that point forward, the speedometer hasn't moved a lot. Yet, this is certainly going to change. Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX) plans, fabricates, and dispatches advanced rockets and shuttle. The organization was established in 2002 to change space innovation, the complete target of empowering individuals to live on different planets. SpaceX's airplane falcon 9 isn't just truly outstanding and least expensive space vehicles accessible; it's the fourth in line after the US, China, and Russia, who are skilled to launch space shuttles into space and afterward bring it back securely to Earth.

- For a long time, innovators have been fiddling with electric vehicles to supplant the oil and inefficient customary models. Everybody knew its importance – environment-friendly, manageable, propels in energy stockpiling. Yet, building something on paper is a certain something; conveying the equivalent is another. Tesla Motors is renewing the Electric vehicle market that was long time smashed by Oil Industry authorities.

The ongoing thread in all the above development-driven organizations is "Elon Musk". He is the organizer, CEO, and CTO of SpaceX, Co-author, CEO, and Product engineer of Tesla Motors, Co-originator, and director of SolarCity, co-executive of Opan AI, Co-organizer Zip2, and organizer of X.com, which converged with PayPal.

Musk is likewise engaged with building up a fast transportation framework known as Hyperloop. The idea of fast travel in tubes has been around for quite a long time. Yet, there has been a resurgence in interest in pneumatic cylinder transportation frameworks since the idea was once again introduced, utilizing the latest technologies, by Elon Musk in 2012. Hyperloop depends on the comparative innovation of attractive levitation trains. An electromagnetic impulse is utilized to move the "cases" or "containers", and a low pneumatic force makes it conceivable to accomplish higher velocities than some other ground transportation. It's otherwise called 'the fifth method of transportation' after Land, Air, Water, and Space.

About Steve Jobs Work

Returning to Steve's legacy, Not just innovative products, Musk and Jobs are comparable as the two of them accepted the part of being the instigator of the circus. The two of them dominated the specialty of the splashy product reveal. Under Jobs, launching new Apple products was a carnival of furious assumption. Musk oversaw something comparative with Tesla's new, cheaper Model 3 dispatch. We should examine not many more likenesses between the two.

How are Steve Jobs and Elon Musk Similar?

In all honesty, Jobs and Musk have their similarities. They may have diverse leadership and management styles, yet they have the vision that drives them their vision, and most altogether, they are famous for asking their group for the outlandish. This has made a culture of greatness for their particular companies.

Enthusiastic Game

Occupations are regularly seen as the dad of Apple, while Musk is the "It man" in this age of business.

The two Jobs and Musk have inalienably made a dynamic company, which has earned many faithful fans individually. The greatest contrast, notwithstanding, is how Steve Jobs offered Apple to the public eye, yet Elon Musk effectively promoted himself. Steve Jobs was Apple, and Apple is Steve Jobs. Yet, Elon Musk isn't Tesla or even SpaceX. Tesla and SpaceX are viewed as Elon Musk.

Contrasts between Steve Jobs and Elon Musk

While the two Jobs and Musk have their likenesses, they likewise have their disparities. For instance, Steve Jobs was said to practice presentations a month ahead of time and was consistently on schedule. Elon Musk is never ready for interviews since it is time wastage, and he is regularly very late to interviews. Apple consistently fulfilled time constraints, and guides were constantly followed through on schedule. Tesla regularly defers cutoff times.


Any semblance of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates are put on an out-of-reach platform. The normal purchaser can just fantasy about accomplishing a simple part of their prosperity. Elon Musk then again requests to the normal shopper, the normal millennial. Even though he is known as the genuine Iron-Man and his accomplishments are completely perceived, Musk's easygoing quality advances to many. He is unassuming and stays drew in with his crowd. Twenty to thirty-year-olds love Musk for something beyond his modern organizations; they love him for his realness. His platform is nevertheless a journey to the moon, and hello! He needs to make that reality for you and me.

Last Thoughts

Tent about the different career paths, it would be a big mistake to close the contention hem since they experienced childhood in various occasions with various foundations and various dreams. Sunil Gavaskar never was Bradman, Tendulkar never was Gavaskar, and Kohli won't ever be Tendulkar. If those things proceed with, Musk will be taken a gander at as one of the extraordinary men within recent memory, similar to Jobs, Gates, Buffet, etc. It's a result of his accomplishments, but he is noticeably an enormous part of them since his accomplishments are apparent. So no, Elon Musk won't be the next Steve Jobs. Since He is the first and only ElonMusk !!

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