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Tips how to Writing A Resume Headline

22 Nov 2019


Resume headline

Tips how to Writing A Resume Headline

Resume headline is one of the most important pieces of information while sending the job application to any employer. It's a brief sentence or a phrase at the top of the resume next to name and contact information.              

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A resume headline is a condensed form of the candidate’s work experience and it comprises a candidate's skills, expertise, and experience. It tells the recruiter who you are as a candidate and why you are suitable for this job. It is generally the first contact with the hiring manager, so put the focus on your best attributes to grab the attention of the hiring recruiter.                          

A resume headline also known as a resume title, resume tag, or CV headline is an excellent way to draw attention and stand out from the crowd. A recruiter generally spends only 6 seconds on a resume hence an attractive resume headline with concise achievements and skills impresses the recruiters. This further makes him read the whole resume, increasing your chances of getting an invitation for the interview.                

A resume headline should not be confused with the profile summary or resume objective. All of these three have different purposes to serve. Profile summaries are usually written in a few sentences and phrases. This is a summary of your education, skills, career experiences, and goals.  While resume objective is a heading statement which describes the goals of your professional career.                  

Who should use the Resume headline?               

Ideally, resume headlines are used by all the job seekers but they are more suitable for candidates with lots of experience. A keywords rich headline is enough to grab the first attention of a recruiter. Candidate regardless of limited or no experience can put their personal attributes and experience of their internships.                     

What Should Be The Part Of A Resume Headline?                          

There are no defined rules while writing a headline for your resume, still, some attributes are considered as the best way to highlight one's candidature.                                     

  • Professional achievement
  • Work experience
  • Skills that are relevant to the role                     
  • Impressive sales numbers                      
  • Certifications                 
  • Fluency in several languages                                     

Resume headline is the best opportunity to highlight your professional as well as personal attributes. Less experienced can put focus on their academic achievements while the experienced candidate can focus more on professional achievement. A well-written headline highlighting the qualification and expertise increases the chances of hearing back from employers. So it's advisable to focus on the qualifications relevant to the job title with a brief and easy to read resume headline.                

Learn the major differences between CV and resume   

Tips For Writing A Resume Headline                     

Concise:- Try to keep the resume headline in brief. It should state your value in a few words. Make it personalized for every job to catch the attention of hiring managers. For example- a manager seeking a job should have a resume headline "People-Focused Leader with 10+ Years Managerial Experience." The brief headline should accurately sum up the skills and abilities of the candidate.                       

No Clichés:- Don’t include well-worn phrases or jargon like strong communication skills in the resume headline. It shows that you can’t come up with more interesting ways to describe yourself. It’s important to stand out from the competition with an interesting headline. Avoid vague descriptors and provide specific skills with exact numbers that quantify success.               

Keywords:- Candidates use keywords to demonstrate experiences or skills on the resume headline. You can pick words from the job listing websites to demonstrate that you are a perfect fit for the job. Try to use the job title in the resume headline. Such titles increase your chances of interviewing for a new position.                  

While writing your resume headline, make it a point, first to review the job description to find keywords related to your career experience. When you include these words in your headline, this encourages the recruiter to explore your background further and read your resume.                       

Write a New Headline for Each Job:- Even if this is little extra work, create a new headline for each job application. Hiring managers see the time and effort put to tailor your resume specifically to their job opening. When you see a job opening, try to incorporate the skills, experience, and attributes into your headline.                    

Powerful and Attractive:-  Average hiring managers spend five to seven seconds reading a resume. Try to keep headline short, as big texts are intimidating. Easy-to-read headlines are more inviting and catch the attention of hiring managers. A longer headline defeats the purpose of a headline. Hiring managers quickly review the well- written headline and also remember it.                                      

Strengths and Skills:- Remember, to include all the strengths and skills in the resume to sell you as a good hiring prospect to the recruiter. Briefly mention your degrees and certificates with the skills to translate and speak multiple languages.                    

If you have experience in the role, you should mention it in the first place. If you have special skills relevant to the profile, such as excellent research skills, include them in your resume headline. One shouldn’t mention the extraneous talent in the list of position-specific strengths.                         

Here are some examples of brief resume headlines to grab the attention of the recruiters. A catchy title makes the recruiters read on.                         

Resume Headline Examples For Freshers                           

Resume headline for fresher - Software Developer

B.Tech in Computer Science with internship experience in TCS, Hyderabad. Excellent at working with C++, C#, Java, and Asp.net. Ability to work calmly under pressure to produce results and make the best of every situation.

Resume headline for fresher - Testing Engineer

Experience in testing tools with 6 months of industrial training. Highly skilled in QA Automation, Selenium, Manual Testing, and Integration Testing. Have good command over software algorithms, TDD/BDD.

Resume headline for fresher - Networking Engineer

3 years diploma in Networking and Hardware with distinction. Potential to generate innovative and creative solutions to properly streamline computer networks. Good command over security software and operating systems. USP is to coordinate well in a team.

 Resume headline for fresher - Java Developer

Good knowledge of Core Java, Advanced Java, EJB, and Servlets. Excellent organizational skills with technical and analytical bent of mind. Great communication and interpersonal skills.

Resume headline for fresher - Frontend Developer

Excellent knowledge of HTML, JQuery, and other UI frameworks. Build reusable code in an internship with a local company for future use while optimizing web performance.

 Resume headline for fresher - Account Executive

Stronghold in preparing audit plans and drafting Financial statements with Masters in commerce. Ability to generate new leads and comfortable with cold-calls. Excellent data organizational skills. Quick learner.

Resume headline for fresher - Electrical Engineer

Skilled in MIS with excellent communication skills. Ability to increase purchase orders and follow up with clients for on-time delivery. Great reporting and organizational skills. Ability to draft delivery schedules and project reports for senior staff.

Resume headline for fresher - SEO Executive

Have a 6-month certification course in digital marketing. Practical knowledge SEO, SEM, Google Analytics, and Keyword Planner. Familiarity with link building and keyword searches. Knowledge of tools like Ahref, Webmaster, Netinsight,

Resume headline for fresher - Content Writer

Excellent in creating unique and knowledgeable content from boring information. Good English language and grammar skills. Ability to present ideas in an engaging manner. Potential to mold content as per industry.

Resume Headline For Experienced

Resume headline for data analyst

A post-graduate in Mathematics with 5 years of work experience. Strong quantitative and analytical skills. Potential to analyze trends and patterns in large data sets. Excellent knowledge of data warehouse and data mining.

Resume headline for Chartered Accountant

Masters in Accounting with 4 years of accounting experience as a senior accountant. Capable of handling cash flow management and accounting operations. Good knowledge of financial reporting, GAAP, auditing and taxation and latest industry trends.

Resume headline for software developer

B.Tech in Information Technology with 3 years of experience as a software developer in XYZ company. MCAD certified. Good understanding of XML, CSS3, SQL queries, and Database, JSON, C++. Potential to perform testing, development, and deployment on live site.

Resume headline for a frontend developer

Skilled in developing interactive and responsive websites. Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, bootstrap, and angular JS. Excellent knowledge of Javascript, AMP, and JQuery. Worked as a frontend developer for 3 years in a local company.

Resume headline for data security analyst

3+ years of work experience in designing and implementing data security solutions. Skilled in data encryption. Sound understanding of data security compliance. Good knowledge of security products and content filtering.

Resume headline for SEO manager

4+ years of experience in SEP activities in the e-com industry. Good command over Off-page and On-page SEO tools and tactics. Sound knowledge of Google analytics, keyword planner, Moz Analytics, SEMRush. Looking for an SEO manager role.

Resume headline for content writer

Highly creative, analytical, and result-oriented content writer with 5 years’ experience. Professional experience of creating engaging, high-quality, and SEO friendly content on many niches. Potential of writing content for a variety of audiences.

Few brief and easy to read Resume Headline Statements

  • Determined Sales Associate Professional with a Proven Record of Success
  • Empathetic Certified Nursing Assistant with 5 Years of Experience
  • Project Manager Who Focus on Beating Deadline and Exceeds Expectations
  • Java Developer Who Shine in a Team Environment
  • Marketing Strategist That Can Grow Leads by 20%
  • Sales Professional that Hits Targets by 10%
  • QuickBooks Master with 15+ Years of Accounting Experience

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