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How to Apply for Jobs in India August 23, 2019 7:45 pm

How to Apply for Jobs in India

Unlike old-time, when we only had newspapers to look for job openings in India and to apply for them. In the present scenario, we have multiple ways to connect with the recruiters and to apply for jobs in India. All the companies in India including the MNC’s follow a standard pattern for job application. It includes some particularities from India and the major ones from the international job application standards. Before we get you through the different ways to apply for jobs in India. Firstly, you should know about what all is required for sending a job application.

Job Application Requirement:

  • For a successful job application both CV (Curriculum Vitae) and a cover letter is required. Most of the job applications these days include the CV, but they miss the cover letter. Your cover letter includes the basic and brief information explanation related to job expectations. Like, the reasons for being interested in this job. Or the skills that make recruiter choose you for this job.


  • While sending your job application, ensure that it specifically points out why you are qualified for this job. Try to keep your job application concise and precise.

Coming back to how you can apply for jobs in India. Once you are ready with your job application including your CV and cover letter, you can start applying for it. You can apply for jobs in India through different mediums mentioned below.

Job Portals: One of the best ways to apply for the jobs in India is through job portals. You can look for job openings in top MNC through these job portals. Along with that, you can upload your updated resume and cover letter on these job portals. This will help the recruiters in going through your profile when you apply for any job opening. The job portals also keep sending you the notifications of the jobs that match your qualification. Talents Crew is also one such job portal where you can apply for the jobs.

Social Media: We know that social media sites our for networking with friends or professionals. But at present, these sites are being used for sharing the information regarding the job opportunities also. These sites have different pages where the recruiters post about the job openings for different locations. You can search for different jobs using these social media sites and can connect with the respective recruiters directly. Like, search for job openings in Gurgaon for freshers and you will get numerous results. August 23, 2019 7:45 pm

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