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How to Choose the best career ?

14 Aug 2021


select the best career

How to Choose the best career ?

Choose a job you love and are desperate about, and you will never ever have to work for a day in your life. While this may sound quite weird, like a cliché, choosing the career-best suited for you is mainly one of the most critical decisions you will ever make in your life. It will determine your future financial success and affect your happiness and life satisfaction in the years to come.

For most people, choosing a proper career path can be an overwhelming and anxiety-riddled task. With tons of occupations to choose from, it becomes a challenge to pick one that will make you happy and suit you perfectly at the same time. This career-oriented article will provide you a comprehensive guide on finding the best job for you.

Steps To Take Before Choosing A Career

Before pursuing a specific career, learn about the job responsibilities, employment opportunities, and training or education requirements. Follow these essential steps to restrict potential career options:

1. Assess yourself -

Each person has different talents, strengths, goals talents, interests, and values. In other words, there are specific careers each individual should not follow and others where they'd excel and be satisfied. Decide what you would enjoy and excel at by taking career assessments, receiving career counseling, and conducting thorough self-evaluation.

2. Make a list of potential and in-demand jobs -

After conducting some self-assessment, the types of careers you should pursue should be apparent. It is impossible to seek each one, so the list prepared should be used to side determine where to begin your proper career search. Select 6 or 10 careers and create a fresh list with these choices. When making your choices, select various jobs that interest you, are recommended following career assessment tests and ones matching your skillset.

3. Explore the options -

Learn about every potential career after narrowing down your list. Be sure to learn about educational or internship requirements, employment outlook, job duties, promotion opportunities, and annual earnings. Information can be obtained from the web; however, try to meet with a professional in each field to get in-depth details about each profession. 

4. Narrow down your career list -

Eliminate careers in which you are no longer interested after minutely reviewing each one of the options. Numerous individuals become discouraged from pursuing a career of their choice after learning about annual earnings, education requirements, and declining industry growth. Once you've become familiarized with each career, narrow your list to 1-2 options.

5. Set proper goals -

After your list has been narrowed, establish attainable goals. You should be informed enough to develop short and long-term goals. Typically, short-term career goals can be met between 1-3 years and long-term career goals between 3-5 years. It won't be easy reaching each goal, so be prepared to work hard, make adjustments when necessary, and remain committed. Goals are typically achievable when defined, flexible, realistic, and attainable within a specified time.

Exploring your right career opportunities

Focus on the activities you love to do. 

What have you really dreamed of doing since childhood? What do you enjoy doing? Jot down what comes to mind first, no matter how irrelevant it seems.

Look for positive clues everywhere. 

Take note of topics or projects that excite your imagination or stir your compassion. Reflect on stories of individuals you admire. Ask yourself why specific activities make you happy and pay attention to times when you are enjoying yourself.

Be optimistic and have patience. 

Remember that your job hunt may take some time, and you might have to go down a few different roads before selecting the right career path. Time and introspection will help you identify the activities you most enjoy and that bring you true satisfaction.

Top Reasons for Choosing a Career:

The ideas and thinking of the job aspirants nowadays have changed a lot, and many are opting for careers which interest them, unlike past days. Having too many alternatives to choose from would be better; however one should be focused and have a sense of purpose on what exactly they are doing, or else job seekers will end up with alive end jobs.

So selecting a career path is very important. Some of the factors which should be considered before picking up a career are,

- Salary    

- Job satisfaction

- Economic security

- Scope of growth

- Goal-oriented   

- Job security

- Independence to retire at any time

Questions to Ask before selecting the best career for you

Your career has a significant impact on your future. It can also affect your lifestyle, identity, personal fulfillment, income, family, and retirement.

Before you decide what career to pursue, carefully consider your options and ask yourself the following questions:

1. What are my interests?

The activities and things you enjoy doing in your free time can give you insight into careers that would be fulfilling, satisfying, and fun.

2. What are my skills?

Right now, you acquire skills that can assist you to succeed in the future. Think about your soft skills and hard skills.

- Hard skills - skills you've acquired through studies, such as computer programming or culinary arts.

- Soft skills - the individuals and life skills you inculcate, including teamwork and time management.

3. What are my strengths and talents?

From the time you were small, you demonstrated talents and strengths that make you unique and help you succeed in your chosen career.

4. What is my personality?

Your character is the way you think, feel and behave. It can be an essential part of your career, so consider several aspects of your personality as you think about your future.

5. What are my values?

Everyone has values or essential things, such as work-life balance, social justice, or financial security. These values can assist you in deciding what type of career to pursue.

6. How much money do I want to earn?

Numerous careers provide contrasting monetary rewards. Even though an annual salary shouldn't be the leading factor in choosing a career, your annual CTC can play a role in your crucial quality of life and where you live. Consider your proper earning potential as you narrow your career options. 

7. Why do I want to opt for this career?

Ensure you ask yourself why you want to pursue a particular career as you evaluate which choice/decision is right for you. Don't just let the opinions or expectations of others sway your decision. Ultimately, your career choice is solely yours.

Why Choosing the Right Career Can beThe Most Important Decision of Your Life?

The importance of a career in life is massive, so choosing a career needs to be done very carefully, as your future mainly depends on your decision. Also, taking up a career is very common in everybody's life, but picking the right career makes one's life successful.

Though there are many essential factors in choosing a career, the most vital one would be going along with your passion or interest. Picking a wrongful career might help you earn good, but you will never be able to enjoy your work no matter what. 


While your job is not the only most important thing that matters in life, it is no secret that you will devote a considerable part of your daily life work. Given this, it is imperative to find a job that fits you, fulfills you, and meets your financial needs. When choosing the perfect career, there are many factors that you should consider, such as your interests, values, personality traits, competencies, skills, salary desires, the job's duties, and responsibilities, and job demand.

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