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How AI Evolved the Hiring Process | Talentscrew

11 Oct 2021


Hiring And Recruiting Processes

How AI Evolved the Hiring Process | Talentscrew

Today, hiring and recruitment processes have come a long way, from paper resumes and cold calls to AI and Machine Learning. A massive number of resumes, profiles, and data can be processed quickly with the help of AI and machine learning.

Companies only need to set requirements for sourcing the profiles based on various criteria and the quality of each candidate profile. AI and Machine Learning then process numerous things like filtering profiles, conducting initial screenings, and organizing interviews.

AI recruitment can be done efficiently when AI developers input the right algorithms into AI for various tasks. Also, AI is programmed using multiple factors to initiate the allocated recruitment tasks assigned to them.

But what else can AI and machine learning do to improve the recruitment process for all the parties involved? Let’s dive in deeper below!

7 Uses of AI and Machine Learning in Hiring and Recruiting Processes

1. Candidate Engagement

AI and Machine learning help in automating candidate engagement, which is one of the most advanced techniques. It helps in providing transparency during the recruitment and also timely responses, which most candidates expect.

Also, the AI initiates a conversation with the candidates from the applicant tracking system to clarify any questions they might have.

2.    Recruiter Chatbots

Recruiter chatbots are another milestone in AI recruiting because they help provide real-time interaction with the candidates. AI recruiting takes the recruitment process to the next level which helps both the recruiters and candidates in the long run.

AI-powered chatbots have a huge potential to improve the overall candidate experience with the interview process and hiring.

During the interview process and while hiring, the chatbots reduce most of the manual work done by recruiters. Like giving timely responses, sending them interview-related manuals, and giving details about the organization.

Many job seekers usually give negative feedback about companies that don’t provide updates. So, recruiter chatbots solve this problem by providing quick updates. This keeps the applicants posted about the status of their application and this, in turn, helps set expectations.

3. Employee Assessment and Selection

Using AI and Machine learning, it is pretty easy to sort out the best candidates, which makes the hiring process even quicker. Many companies hire for multiple roles, but they get thousands of applications just for a single role, so AI helps here in resume screening.

Résumé screening quickly narrows down the best suitable candidates for a specific role and makes recruitment easier. The AI works based on the algorithms inputted in them by the AI developers who do various experiments to enhance the AI.

There has been a lot of debate around the recruitment space for using AI to filter candidates, which creates a bias in hiring.

4. Talent Sourcing

Talent sourcing is another way that many organizations leverage technology in the recruitment process and hiring. Using this technology, we can easily find suitable candidates for a position and fill them in that role quickly.

Also, the AI helps in scraping massive data from job websites and professional networks like Linkedin for finding the right talent.

This technology is really a gold mine for recruiters because the hiring process would have become complex and difficult without it.

5. Job Advertising

The one very time-consuming thing is manually writing all the job advertisements and placing them on the websites. The worst thing is that even after putting a lot of effort into this, recruiters don’t get the desired results for finding candidates via these ads.

So, this is the reason many companies use AI and machine learning for analyzing the language patterns in job ads to get good results.

AI and machine learning can determine and find which ads work the best and which don’t; they collect the data and work based on it. Also, AI rephrases the words and creates ads that would attract the right set of candidates during the hiring process.

Programmatic advertising really works, and it writes and places the ads automatically on the jobs boards and social media.

6. CV Screening

Screening the CV manually is really outdated and not done by most companies nowadays because they are very time-consuming. So, coming to the rescue, many AI-powered CV screening tools help in sourcing and finding the right set of candidates using this tool.

The AI-powered CV screening tool reads the CV, finds the keywords for finding a candidate profile, and shortlists them.

It is effortless to find any candidate using this tool. It can be done in a very short time which is usually difficult to do manually.

7. Digitized Interviews

There has been online interview software for a while, but AI has transformed the whole process to become more effortless. Digitized interviews are evolving, and in the future, all organizations will adapt to this form of interviews from the traditional ones.

AI can easily monitor and identify the candidate’s facial expressions, speech patterns, and word choice during the interview. Monitoring and identifying such things in the interview determines the candidate’s capability and knowledge for the role.

8. Predicting Hiring Needs

Predicting hiring needs is vital in the recruitment process because some employees are bound to retire. Also, there are circumstances that some employees would be relieved from their roles.

So, there is a massive gap being created in the workforce strength. In this scenario, succession planning should be done proactively.

Succession planning helps in filling the empty roles very quickly. So, the work operations wouldn’t be disrupted if predicting hiring needs is done proactively.

Final Thoughts

This article has discussed all the fundamental ways AI and Machine Learning can help recruiters do all the tasks effectively. AI and machine learning are here to stay and would transform all the manually done jobs in recruitment to automatic.

If you are hiring candidates, this is the right time for you to get used to these AI-powered tools to automate all your recruitment tasks. Also, the crucial thing an AI-powered tool does is that it brings the desired results when you need to find the right candidate.

Using AI, you can set any requirement for finding a candidate like the qualification, experience, or skill set, and you are sure to find them.

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