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Essential Points To Consider To Keep Your Job

06 May 2020


Keep Your Job

Essential Points To Consider To Keep Your Job

LaTonya Wilkins says "There's a lot of uncertainty in a world that's changing before our eyes." She is an International Coaching Federation-credentialed executive coach.

Job security is definitely in our mind as 26 million American filed unemployment claims in just five weeks. And it happened because the coronavirus pandemic has switched the universe of work upside down.

The positive news is there are steps that you can take to prove your value and keep your job even during this challenging phase of life. But remember, there are no 100% guarantees that your entire team won't be laid off after following these steps. But, you can make yourself a better and appealing applicant by following these steps. According to career experts with experience in talent management, recruiting, and HR, here are six crucial things you can try to increase your chances of job security during these uncertain times.

Essential Points To Consider To Keep Your Job

1. Demonstrate Inventive Thinking

When it comes to your own role, make sure to use your creativity to profit the organization apart from being adaptable and flexible. Help your company to make it through the complicated, unforeseen obstacles (in present or future) by bringing new ideas to the table.

When the companies realize that their way of running a business goes out of the track, it's time to begin rewriting the playbooks to see how things could be done to get the business back on track. The only objectionable thing is to not have any idea at all.

Claire Telling, CEO of the marketing firm Grace Blue Partnership says, "I predict that the silver lining of all of this is there will be a higher value on inventiveness and creative problem-solving—those people who can think differently about a challenge and who bring inventive solutions will be highly sought after. It's excellent if your recommendations can enable your organization to acquire more business or cut costs—something that can mean saving jobs. Even if your thoughts don't straightforwardly help increment revenue or bring investment funds, your innovative and resourceful ideas can, in any case, make you a significant employee your organization will need to hold tight to.

2. Keep on Networking

Networking is a skill that is a necessity for developing, whether you are waiting for new doors to open or not, especially during this pandemic.

Many are home isolating themselves, few are self-quarantine, but many will likely appreciate you reaching them. And you never know the challenging time for others could be a door of opportunities for you. Career experts suggest setting up coffee meeting virtually with current coworkers, attending webinars and reaching former colleagues can be a good idea to motivate yourself. It is highly recommended to be vulnerable and share your experience if you are trying to keep your job. Presently might be the time you can help other people currently influenced by being laid off and become known as a liberal cooperative person. Or on the other hand, if you do need professional counsel or help, "don't be hesitant to request what you truly need. Possibly that is knowledge about how to step up in your present job or advice about how to sharpen your skills in a specific area. "Individuals love to help, and you may even fill somebody's heart with joy by allowing them to have a beneficial outcome."

3. Get Things Done

Earlier career counsel thinks that having a strategic vision was the most important skill they could offer employers. Still, now they liken that to create a "pretty PowerPoint deck" without being able to execute on it. Career advice suggests that employers need team members to be solutions-oriented—and achieve.

Surprisingly better are issue solvers who tackle difficulties without being inquired.

What organizations need—while they rotate to receive new plans of action and income streams and to keep in mind that joblessness skyrockets—are representatives who "can complete things, quickly". At the end of the day: People who can focus in and carry out the current responsibility, regardless of how little or "not really breathtaking." The individuals who will succeed now are the hardest workers with the best persistence. Presently like never before, those individuals who have coarseness, assurance, and commitment will stand apart from their companions.

4. Bringing Empathy In Everything, You Do

Soft skills, for example, sympathy is in extraordinary demand among the managers and employers. Not exclusively will the individuals you work with feel great being around you, you're bound to keep your job. Those applicants who carry compassion to their kin and customers are the ones who we reliably observe ascending to the top, and who are, as a rule, only genuine happiness to work with. Individuals regularly abstain from rehearsing empathy as a result of the mental effort included; however, when they believe they are acceptable at being sympathetic, they are bound to do it. An excellent spot to begin to help your trust in your sympathy skills—particularly at this time when numerous within your organization are likely battling—is essentially by connecting with your partners and asking how they're doing. At that point, effectively listen as they share, offer to help in whatever little way you can, and open up consequently.

5.   Be Resilient, Adaptable, Flexible, and Thoughtful

These are the four essential skills organizations esteem most, as per profession specialists

"They really spell RAFT, with the goal that makes it simple to recall and picture yourself continually being prepared to cruise under challenging situations. To have the option to deal with the difficulties of these present times, you should have the opportunity to illustrate:

  • Resilience: Bouncing back in difficult/tough/challenging times
  • Adaptability: Adjusting to novel situations
  • Flexibility: Being capable and ready to wear various caps
  • : Being aware, purposeful, and informative with partners

Of these, resilience is the most essential attribute right now. That implies taking the necessary steps to remain above water and handle the obscure. If RAFT is tied in with keeping the boat moving, resilience is the force that will persuade you to pull on the paddles.

Beyond keeping up that energy, you'll additionally need to advance. In particular, you should focus on what's going on at your organization and seeing industry inclines more comprehensively. Make it your business to address the issues of the changing conditions. Take on the assignments and undertakings that should be handled in this new reality to enable your manager to succeed at present—regardless of whether that is running virtual meetings or taking on additional responsibility or extra obligations within a smaller organization.

In other words, continue going with the flow if somebody requests that you accomplish something that is outside of your unique expected set of responsibilities. Consider what another place you could hop in to help. Being available to fill in where required, recognizing opportunities of your own, and building up the control to finish will require time and devotion. In any case, it very well may be what separates you.

What's more, if you can do all that while likewise being thoughtful and kind to your teammates, managers, and coworkers over the organization, you'll become known as somebody who can take on anything just as a superb partner nobody would need to leave behind. It's natural to crave for security and stability, with our life is a state of flux. As no one can be 100% sure, but, these steps mentioned above will strengthen and boost your position and role within your present company. These steps will bolster your skillset if you need and also decide to explore new opportunities.

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