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Brief About Work Experience Certificate Letter

12 Dec 2019


Work Experience Certificate Letter

Brief About Work Experience Certificate Letter

Imagine you are in an interview for a new job, and the prospective employer asks for your work experience certificate. If you do not know what it is, you will put a blank face. Avoid embarrassment by knowing about the work experience certificate letter in this article.

What is A Work Experience Certificate Letter?

A work experience certificate letter is issued to an employee by the employer. It contains the details of the employment duration of the employee with the employer. An employee receives the certificate either after completion of her/his working contract or after resigning from the job. It is generally given after the relieving of the employee. The certificate is also provided by the employer when the employee requests it. It is the basic right of an employee to demand and receive an experience certificate from the employer. 

What is A Work Experience Certificate Letter?​

The letter mentions the duration from which the employee was in association with the company. It also contains the skills of the employee, knowledge acquired by the employee during the working period, and the contribution of the employee to the company. An experience certificate letter is thus one of the most important documents a candidate searching for a job must possess. It gives the prospective employer a clear idea of your experience and skills. It validates your work experience.

Is it Similar to a Relieving Letter?

A relieving letter and a work experience letter have slight differences. The employee receives the relieving letter immediately after leaving the company. It notes the final handover of the document and the employee has been relieved of all duties. The experience letter is given during the full and final settlement of the employee. It mentions the duration of employment with the company.

Experience Letter Format

A simple experience letter will have the following:

  • An experience letter must always be issued on the letterhead of the employer with the details of the company. 
  • The date of issuance of the certificate.
  • A declaration - “to whom so it may consider.”
  • Full name of the recipient.
  • Employment period from joining till completion.

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