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7 Pro Marketing Tips For Your Small Business Or Startup

30 Sep 2021


Investing in for Your Startup Business

7 Pro Marketing Tips For Your Small Business Or Startup

In business, developing a high-quality product is only half the work. The other half of the process is selling the product. That is where good marketing comes in. Marketing is what stands between the success or the failure of any business that may be starting up.

If you are starting up your business you have to dedicate a good amount of your starting capital to invest in good marketing. If you do not have a background in marketing, you can get marketing employees or hire a startup marketing agency. These are organizations developed to help individuals and companies do marketing for their products.

Even with aid in marketing, there are still some skills you need to have. You can also look for these particular skills and traits in employees. The skills you require for marketing include:

1.  Good Communication Skills

Marketing aims to create customer awareness about your product or service. Good products may do the marketing for themselves but that may not be good enough. The communication involved can be verbal, non-verbal, or a combination of both.

The marketing team should communicate clearly and raise awareness about the product involved. The team should also give comprehensive and transparent information. These will reduce the chances of misleading consumers.

2.  Good Interpersonal Skills

How we relate to one another is vital. Whether we are talking to vendors, customers, delivery personnel, and even the internal team, how we relate is crucial. The environment we create can make or break the startup.

Healthy relationships often foster a good working environment in the work area, in turn, it breeds happy workers. They also create loyalty from customers. The impression a member of a marketing team makes when engaging a customer will create a lasting impression. This impression will then be associated with the product they are advertising.

3.  Networking Skills

Humans are generally social. This nature, in turn, leads to networking. Networking can be a free form of marketing or advertising. A satisfied customer will spread the word of your work to their social circles. The information will then turn into referrals and possibly into revenue.

A go-getter attitude is crucial for networking. You must be willing to interact with people and tell them the business you do. Even if they may not be your direct customers, they may refer people in their circles to you.

You can also employ methods such as giving free samples, free trials, giving demonstrations, and targeted advertising to get audiences. This creates awareness and will help get people talking about your product.

4.  Creative Thinking

The process of marketing requires getting the consumer interested in your product. In most cases, the consumer may have a pre-existing brand that they are already loyal to. This means that you need to be creative in the methods you use to get them to try your product.

Other times you may be introducing a new product, like no other, into the market. How would you convince your customers that they need your product? That is where creativity kicks in. You have to come up with ways of getting your audience to try your product.

5.  Social Media Skills

Source: Pixabay

Social media is one of the best tools to use to promote your products online. Research shows that the average user spends at least 2 hrs and 25 minutes on social media per day. As a result, most platforms have morphed into e-commerce applications over time.

A good example is Instagram that began as a picture-sharing app and has now grown to incorporate e-commerce.

Social media is technically a self-made social network that includes your friends and family. This means you have access to your closest buyers. This group of people can then help you grow your online network and get more customers.

Most social media platforms also offer advertisement services. These advertisements are broadcasted to a targeted audience. This, therefore, increases the chances of making sales. This is because the advertisement’s audience is from research based on their preferences. A good example is Facebook.

6.  Content Creation Skills

Traditionally, advertisements in the newspapers, on the television, and branded objects were the go-to methods for advertising and marketing. However, in the recent past, the focus has shifted to social media platforms.

With the new platforms, advertisements have transformed into their less annoying versions. Advertisements are now packaged as product reviews, unboxing videos, memes, reels, and trends. These are a fun way of creating awareness about products.

The end product is quite pleasing. However, the level of skill required is massive. For content creation, you need both the creative nature as well as videography and photography skills. Editing skills are also involved. You need to convert the bland photos and video into a captivating story that will bring viewers back for more.

For those without the skills, it is possible to partner with or hire experts in this field. Most content creators also have a massive network on their platforms so they also aid in marketing and promotion when you partner up.

7.  Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Skills

Search engines such as Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo, have a specific procedure to prioritize pages on the internet. It is governed by keywords, link buildings, and site optimization. These mechanisms go a long way into dictating what page appears first and what content appears first.

When it comes to marketing, it is paramount that your product is first. Users usually look at the first few options when they do a web search. Just think about it, when was the last time you went to the second page of the Google results? 

Using some keywords and linking into the right web pages can get your page to appear as the first result. This will generate more interactions with customers. You can also pay to get your products advertised on other web pages as pop-up ads. Sure, they are annoying, but they get the job done.


Marketing plays a crucial role in product sales for all businesses. For startups, they create a link to their first customers. For anyone starting a business, marketing should be a priority, and you should get the right employees for this. It is vital to do proper research to know your consumers and how best to get them interested in your product. Also, remember that marketing is only half the work, you need a good product that consumers will want.

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