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Human Resource Trends that Start-ups Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2020

06 Feb 2020


Human Resource Trends

Human Resource Trends that Start-ups Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2020

“Guilherme Mota, Head of Operations for SalaryFits believes that 2020 will see more of better solutions to fit employee needs instead of just reducing HR's pain only.”

We live and work in a developing world of automation. Digital transformation we've been encountering has impacted both the business and individuals to some extent across the globe. HR—may be more appropriately called Human Capital Resources—is no exemption. Since quite a while ago held, HR practices are being basically replaced by the digitally forward techniques, tools, and initiatives that can offer huge, tangible payoffs to both the people and businesses they employ.

HR Trends

So the question is, what Human Resource trends would we say we see as we start our trek into the beginning of 2020? Here are the Top 5 Human Resource trends expected to command India's HR industry in 2020.

1. AI: Soon To Become Recruiters Standard Tool

The Human Resource sector has already started using Artificial Intelligence powered solutions for the talent hunt. Over the most recent couple of years, AI has decreased the time taken at the recruitment stage by reducing the need for managers to browse hundreds of applications manually.

This has given the team of recruiters more opportunity to perform value work, for example,  engagement with competitors, recruitment promotions, organizing mentorship and training programs, among others.

In 2020, integration of Artificial Intelligence will be utilized across employee-facing applications and the software to drive efficiency and commitment within the organization.

Further, AI virtual helpers will begin to be used more broadly in the work environment, upgrading productivity in the organizations.

2. Branding And Marketing:

The role played by Human Resource management will keep on evolving in 2020. Alongside their traditional responsibilities, the HR managers will currently be relied upon to work more intently towards employer branding.

This is due to the reason that as HR operations will increasingly digitize, their job turns out to be firmly aligned up with promoting objectives. For example, during the talent hunt process, firms employ social media advertising method to draw in the best hires. Here, the HR workforce contributes enormously to building the brand that will energize potential employees and inspire them to choose to apply to the company.

3. Gen Z: To enter the workforce first time with different expectations

While a significant part of the discussion in the past decade has revolved around the millennials, how have they approach the workplace? It's currently time for Generation Z to enter the workforce. Gen Z includes individuals who were born into the world after 1997.

HR Trends

Dissimilar to the millennials who were mobile pioneers, Gen Z is totally a mobile-native generation. They have exceptional levels of ease with cell phones to the extent that 80% of them really feel distressed when separated from their cell phones. Not at all like millennials, who are more idealistic and focussed on the work experience, Gen Z, in general, be logical and centered around saving money.

Concerning the work environment, they want to work with brands that they feel authentic. Like millennials, they truly esteem an engaging work culture alongside a high potential for career growth. As this age enters the workforce just because, it's significant for organizations to remember their one of a kind viewpoint and tailor employee engagement accordingly.

4. Creating Healthy work culture will add value to HR roles

Employees presently search for organizations that sustain their talent, allow them to grow, and offer a steady and healthy work culture.

In a study led in India by Randstad, a human resource counseling firm shows the statistics given below

  • Around 46 percent of those surveyed expressed their preference for work-life balance in their employments
  • 36 percent said they would exit their professions on account of a poor work-life balance.
  • Around 43 percent expressed they would leave their jobs due to obstructed progress in their career path.

In this way, making a healthy work culture to recruit and hold employees is of the most extreme significance.

Along with making a safe and harassment-free working environment for the employees, HR managers should work harder to convey the organization's culture and its qualities to the workforce.

This incorporates creating opportunities for leadership and mentoring, closing the pay gap and gender, promoting more female staff to executive positions, and support for workers seeking after further education or skill development.

5. Growing Data Analytics Usage

It is foreseen that in 2020 HR teams will start to use data analytics in a more focused way – to expand innovation, productivity, and income in the work environment. This will encourage the creation of the employee-centric environment, thusly driving up the job and significance of data-driven methodologies.

HR managers would then be able to keep an eye on metrics, for instance, revenue per employee, turnover rate, training expenses per employee, human capital risk, and offer acceptance rate. Data from these critical metrics will improve the experience of employee and hiring process, lessen attrition, and make the workforce and their workplace productivity.

Data analytics usage may also help the HR department distinguish future risks and vulnerabilities in the company with the goal that successful solutions might be applied immediately, or tricky circumstances might be recognized and resolved.

To Conclude

These human resource trends underline significant shifts in the whole HR function, and it will be fascinating to see how organizations respond and adjust to them. Those that adopt an adaptable and proactive approach should see significant gains in productivity in the coming years.

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